Raleigh is the main protagonist of Computer Chat, and the one who starts the massive chat on Skype. Edit

Backstory Edit

Raleigh was activated for his first test when he saw Kevin being lured to the back room. He followed him, but by then, Kevin was murdered. After a few days, Raleigh was scrapped due to need to avenge Kevin and stored in the P/S. However, one day, he activated once again due to a racket in the pizzeria. He went on plenty of adventures, but has taken a rest and is currently talking to others on Skype.

Personality Edit

Raleigh is usually friendly and helping to others, but is sometimes aggressive if angered. He is also rather intelligent compared to others.

Appearance Edit

Raleigh has the looks of a Jurassic Park 3 Velociraptor. However, with his other form, he looks like a carnivorous, colorful, chicken.

Trivia Edit

-Raleigh's endoskeleton eyes are black with a red, glowing iris instead of the usual white.

-Raleigh's aggression spawned from Kevin's murdering, looking to avenge him.

-Raleigh has a profession for guns, due to his extreme intelligence.

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